Items Needed for your Loan Application

For a quick approval and a smooth process, here's a list of a few things that will help us make the loan application process easier and faster.

  • Two most recent paycheck stubs if paid every 2 weeks or twice a month.
  • Four most recent paycheck stubs if paid every week.
  • Two years of W-2 tax forms.
  • Two years of personal tax returns with W2's if using commission, bonus, interest or other variable income.
  • Two years of personal, partnership, and/or corporate tax returns if self employed.
  • Three most recent bank and asset statements with all pages for all bank accounts, investments, or retirement accounts.
  • Real Estate purchase contract, signed by all parties.
  • Copy of earnest money deposit check.
  • Payment books and/or statements for outstanding liabilities.
  • Bankruptcy: Provide copy of discharge papers, list of creditors, and letter of explanation surrounding circumstances.
  • Complete divorce decree and/or separation papers.
  • Copy of drivers license or state issued I.D.
  • If your transaction is a refinance, please provide the most recent mortgage statement on your property and the name and phone number of your insurance agent.